Android Monetization Platform

The world’s most advanced Android monetization platform for publishers.

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Driving the optimal outcome

SuperiorMobile is trusted by the world's largest Android publishers. We combine the most sophisticated technology with industry leading service to help publishers successfully navigate the programmatic advertising landscape. With SuperiorMobile, publishers drive increased revenue, gain deep insights with real-time analytics, improve viewer experience, and achieve unparalleled control over their programmatic buyers.

Intelligent Pricing Floors

Our price floor algorithms determine remarkable bidding patterns, public segment principles and your business standards to set the optimum price floor for your stock.

Unique Industry Expertise

Our dedicated agent services group comprises of a dedicated team of industry experts that engage exclusively with publishers, providing a unique market perspective and guidance on best practices to help publishers succeed.

Ad Serving

The SuperiorMobile Ad Server is fully compatible with mobiles, so publishers have the strongest tools to control their advertiser-direct certain campaigns. From forecasting stock by show, geo or tool, to targeting, trafficking and reporting instruments.


Platform Features

Real time bidding platform

Billions transactions decisions taken every single day


Content filtering features

Data Management

Ability to forecast inventory availability across the supply-ecosystem

Publisher features

Improved technology means exceptional results for publishers

Complete API Access

SuperiorMobile's award winning product is built on top of our own APIs.

Stable, Scalable Infrastructure

SuperiorMobile runs on the business’s most developed cloud-based framework customized for video ad serving anf geo-distributed across several data centers in each important market.


3rd party compatible

SuperiorMobile allows publishers to smoothly track and manage advertising across tools via VPAID-compliant, RTB-ready HTML5 component.

State of the Screens

SuperiorMobile supplies an in-depth look at currents and data across mobile devices and over-the-top devices.